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Director of Housing Services
Gina Thexton

The Housing Services Department is a team within a team covering a wide variety of functions. Housing Services is involved
in the direct management and operation of HUD conventional Low Income Housing, Home Ownership Program, Rural Development
(formerly Farmers Home Administration), Migrant Farm Labor Housing and CHRP-R (California Housing Rural Program). Additionally,
the Housing Authorities Resident Services (PHDEP, FSS) program is administered by Housing Services.

Conventional Low Income Housing:

Housing Authority of the County of Merced provides 549 units of HUD owned low income housing. The units, which include 98
single family homes are located throughout Merced County in the cities of Merced, Atwater, Livingston, South Dos Palos and Los
Banos. The Housing Authority of the County of Merced utilizes a "Broad Base Rent" selection criteria to draw from the
waiting list of prospective applicants. The waiting list for this program opens and closes depending on waiting list volumes. 


The Housing Authority's Homeownership Program provides opportunity for down payment set aside and home buying assistance to low-income
residents that would qualify under certain criteria. The homes are located in the Merced-Atwater area.

Resident Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (ROSS):

The Housing Authority currently has approximately 130 Public Housing families who are participating in the ROSS Program. Under the program,
the family earns an escrow account that they receive after they fulfill their FSS contract of becoming economically independent. The Housing
Authority provides case management and goal setting assistance.


The Housing Authority Resident Services Department located at the John O'Banion Learning Center offers opportunities for resident children to
participate in a variety of Afterschool Programs and activities including 4-H, Girl Scouts, Club Live, and Friday Night Live.

O'Banion Learning Center:

Centrally located in an area of high unemployment and limited access to training programs, the center provides affordable office space to small
businesses and non-profit organizations seeking to establish a foothold in South Merced. Residents and members of the wider community benefit by
the presence of business, training and job opportunities promoting increased self-sufficiency. In addition to the Housing Authority's Resident
Services Department Office and Afterschool Programs, operating within the center are a medical facility (Golden Valley Health Center), Child
Development Center (Child Care), Merced County Office of Education (Adult Education), WIC, Housing Services, and Merced County Library.

Valley View Homes:

Housing Authority of the County of Merced owns and manages 73 units of housing. There are two elderly housing complexes, one in the city of Dos
Palos (25 units) the other in the city of Atwater (14 units). A third complex, located in the city of Dos Palos, is for family occupancy (34units).
Applications for this program are received continuously, throughthe Housing Choice Voucher program. 

Migrant - Farm Labor Housing:

The Housing Authority of the County of Merced manages four migrant housing centers in the county. The newest center is the Los Banos site which provides
48 units. The other centers are located in Atwater with 59 units, Merced with 49 units and Planada. The Planada Center is currently closed for reconstruction.
The centers are normally open for occupancy for a 6 month period generally between May and November to cover the heart of the growing seasons. Eligibility for
the centers is set by the State Office of Migrant Services (OMS) and U.S. Rural Development, some restrictions involving migratory status and income sources apply.


The Housing Authority of the County of Merced manages and maintains one CHRP-R housing complex in the Planada area. There are fifty units of housing available to
low and very low income clients. The complex is home to a day care center serving the greater Planada area. The waiting list is open and continuous.

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